A Computational Method for Wave Propagation Simulation in Open Channel Networks

Mustafa M. Aral1, Yi Zhang1 and Shi Jin2

Multimedia Environmental Simulations Laboratory

1School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

2School of Mathematics

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, Georgia 30332


In this report, we present the application of a nonoscillatory second order relaxation scheme to simulation of flow in open channel networks. The analysis is based on the Saint Venant equations written in conservative form. Junction flow conditions in the channel network are solved explicitly using the continuity principle at each junction and the characteristic equations. When compared with other models and algorithms, which are based on the Saint Venant equation in non-conservative or conservative form, the proposed algorithm is of higher accuracy and is applicable to cases where propagation of a shock wave or discontinuity is involved. In this paper we discuss the application of the proposed algorithm to both single channel and channel network problems, with or without shock waves. Numerical results obtained are presented comparatively with analytical solutions or results obtained from other numerical solutions wherever applicable.

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