Analysis of the 1998 Water-Distribution System Serving the Dover Township Area, New Jersey:

Field-Data Collection Activities and water Distribution System Modeling

Morris L. Maslia, Jason Sautner and Mustafa M. Aral

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Department of Health and Human Services, Atlanta, GA, USA


Multimedia Environmental Simulation Laboratory

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332, USA


An epidemiologic study of childhood leukemia and central nervous system cancers that occurred in the period 1979 through 1996 in Dover Township, N.J., is being conducted. The study is exploring a wide variety of possible risk factors; one being the exposure to groundwater contaminants that occurred through private and community water supplies (i.e., the water-distribution system serving the area). For this purpose a model of the complex water-distribution system has been developed and calibrated through an extensive field investigation.

In this report multiple steps involved in a site specific data collection effort for the water-distribution system calibration effort is outlined. The data collected is presented in detail. The public domain computer code EPANET is used to model the water distribution system. GIS integrated data evaluation systems are developed. The model is calibrated to 1998 field data and an extensive sensitivity analysis is completed. The site considered in this study is Dover Township, New Jersey. In this report a complete overview of these activities and databases are presented.

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