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A modular modeling system for flow and contaminant fate and transport analysis in open-channel networks

Research Program Director (Georgia Tech):    Dr. Mustafa M. Aral

Project Director (ATSDR):    Dr. Allen S. Susten

Technical Project Officer (ATSDR):    Mr. Morris L. Maslia

Development Team:

Software Development: Dr. Yi Zhang.

Software Testing: Dr. Boshu Liao.

Technical Support:  Dr. Mustafa M. Aral and Dr. Yi Zhang.

Contact Information:

Dr. Mustafa M. Aral
Multimedia Environmental Simulation Laboratory (MESL)
School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0355

Bus. Phone:(404) 894-2243
Fax Phone:(404) 894-5111

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