Dr. Wonyong Jang

Numerical Codes

Multiphase Flow and Multispecies Transport model (TechFlowMP)
- Three-dimensional nonisothermal multiple fluid flow and multiple component transport simulation codes.
- Numerical technique: Galerkin finite element method.
- Phases: Groundwater, gas, and non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) in porous media.
- Contaminant: Toxic chemicals and pathogens.
- Nonisothermal Condition: Thermal energy transport in porous media.
- Process: Advection, dispersion, and chemical and biological reactions in single/multiple phase flow.
- Code language: C/C++ and Microsoft Visual C++ with object-oriented programming.
- Supporting OS: Microsoft Windows with graphical user interface (GUI), Linux, and UNIX.
- Parallel computing: OpenMP.
- Manual: Three-dimensional Multiphase Flow and Multi-species Transport Model, TechFlowMP, Multimedia Environmental Simulations Laboratory, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Report No. MESL-02-05, 94 p, September 2005.
Evolution of Concentration field in a laminar shear flow
- Segregation of concentration fields under a laminar flow with parabolic velocity profiles.
- Numerical method: Finite difference method with alternating-direction implicit technique.
- Code language: C/C++
Visualization of transport and biodegradation of organic chemicals under a passive oxygen barrier in the subsurface
- Advective-dispersive transport of organic contaminants (e.g. benzene) and dissolved oxygen and biological degradation of the contaminants under uniform groundwater flow.
- Two-dimensional model with GUI written MS Visual C++.
- Numerical method: Finite element method.

Computer Skills

Programming Language: C++, C, Visual C++, FORTRAN, and Advanced shell script under Linux and UNIX.
Operating System: Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
High Performance Computing: Parallel computing using OpenMP and MPI.
Geographic Information System (GIS): ArcGIS and ArcInfo.
Visualization: TecPlot and OpenDX.
Web Programming Language and Database: HTML, PHP, Perl, CGI, JavaScript, Python, and MySql under Linux and UNIX.

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