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Environmental Simulations Facility

Location: This facility is operated under the supervision of Dr. Guan and is located on the second floor of the Sustainable Education Building (SEB - Room 215), Georgia Institute of Technology. SEB is located on Atlantic Dr., across the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering building, known otherwise as the Mason Building. The space in this laboratory is used to house eight Ph.D. students. In addition to this space, a research engineer and faculty member, affiliated with MESL and the Environmental Engineering program, has office space in the SEB building.

Computational Facilities: Twenty 900MgHz high end IBM/PC compatible workstations and desk top computers. Two UNIX based high end Indigo Impact R10000 SGI workstations. One SGI Origin 2000, R10000 super computer. These networked computational facilities are dedicated to modeling activities of MESL personnel. Other than these equipment, the computational laboratory has several scanners, high end black and white / color printers and digitizers. 

Software:  The MESL productivity software library include most recent versions of GIS ARC/INFO, GIS ARC/VIEW, GISPlus, EVS, ENVI, NAMMU, AUTO CAD, Fortran, C++, Visual C++, Visual J++, Visual Basic compiler software. Simulation software available to MESL researchers include ACTS, SAINTS, SLAM, ULAM, CLAM, RiverNET, PGA, OPTIM/PT, SOURCE, which are all developed by MESL researchers. In addition to these software, MESL researchers have access to numerous multi-pathway simulation software packages such as MODFLOW, MODPATH, SUTRA, CHEMFLO etc., which are in the public domain. MESL is housed in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology.