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Since its inception MESL research program have been involved in numerous site specific studies. Our work in this area is geared towards providing technical support for managers of the specific resource in question or the environment. These site specific studies, when completed, find their place in our "Site studies" web pages where we summarize the outcome of the study, provide links and slide presentations.

In this web page we would like to focus on our current, work in progress (so to speak) activities on site specific applications. When the study is completed, the information accumulated on this web page will be moved to the site specific studies web pages.

Saltwater Intrusion Management in Coastal Georgia:

Research Group: E. Kentel, H. Gill, J. Guan and M. M. Aral

Childhood Birth Defects Study at CAMP LEJEUNE (NC):

Research Group: J. Wang, W. Jang, J Guan, M. Maslia, B. Faye and M. M. Aral

Hurricane KATRINA: Health Effects and Environmental Management:

Research Group: S. G. Kılı, K. Nam, J. Guan and M. M. Aral

Hurricane "SCARLET" hits Georgia Coastline:

Research Group: K. Nam, J. Guan and M. M. Aral

WMD-R Research Program:

Research Group: J. Guan and M. M. Aral