Offshore Dome Tree and Sunset Flood



Visualization of Hydrocarbon Contaminant Migration in the Subsurface;

Semi-Analytical Solution of Two-Dimensional Sharp Interface LNAPL Transport Models;

LNAPL Thickness Estimation Based on Bail-Down Testing of Monitoring Wells;

GIS integrated groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling in heterogeneous multilayered aquifers;

Analytical Contaminant Transport System analysis tools in multi pathway environments;

Optimal design of remediation systems using Progressive Genetic Algorithms;

Overland flow, unsaturated and saturated groundwater interaction;

Use of optimization models to determine source locations and release histories of pollutants based on historical data;

Density Dependent Transport and Sequential Biotransformation of Tricholoroethylene in Variably Saturated Zone;

Simultaneous Estimation of Aquifer Parameters and Parameter Zonations Using Genetic Algorithm;

Evaluation of Groundwater Resources Potential of Savannah Georgia Region;

The Effect of Historical Supply Well Schedule Variation on PCE Arrival Time;

Modeling In-situ Air Sparging and Thermal Venting;

Coexisting Aerobic-Anerobic Biotransformation of Chlorinated Ethenes ;

Effect of Oxygen Transport on Biotransformation of Trichloroethylene in the Subsurface;

Reconstruction of Contaminant Distribution in Aquifers;

NAPL Migration in Subsurface;

Darcy Forchheimmer Flow Analysis;


Surface Water:

Contaminant transport simulation in open channel networks;

Shock wave propagation and flow simulation in open channel networks;

Altamaha River Basin Study;

Concentration Evolution of Gas Species within a Collapsing Bubble;

Surface water groundwater interaction;

Presentation for Lower Altamaha Basin Study;

Scale Effects in Watershed Modeling;

Preliminary Analysis of Lake Ponchartrain Pollution;

Dynamic Fugacity Approach in Modeling Fate and Transport in Rivers;

Optimal Sensor Placement for Wind Driven Lakes;

Optimal Monitoring Network Design in River Networks;

Integrated Watershed Modeling;

Contaminant Source Identification in River Networks;

Savanna System Management;

Sea Level Rise;


Water Distribution Systems:

Historical reconstruction of the management of a water distribution systems;

GIS integrated flow and contaminant transport analysis in water distribution systems;

Mechanistic Insight for NDMA Formation Potential of Amine-Based Water Treatment Polymers;

Optimal Sensor Placement in Water Distribution Systems ;

Nodal Importance Concept for Computational Efficiency in Optimal Sensor Placement in Water Distribution Systems;

A Multiobjective Sub-Domain Optimization Algorithm for Sensor Placement in Water Distribution Systems;

Energy Harvesting from Water Distribution Systems;

Renevable Energy Recovery from Water Distribution Systems;


Climate Change and Sea-level Rise:

Climate Change Forcing Function Analysis;

Climate Change Sea-level Rise;

Climate Change and Population Dynamics;

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Data Reconstruction;


Uncertainty, Management and Decision Support:

Environmental Management Paradigms;

Risk Tolerance Measure;


Ongoing Studies:

Effects of Global Warming on Salt Water Intrusion and Groundwater Discharge in Coastal Regions; (in progress)

GIS Integrated Air Pollution Models (ISCST3); (in progress)